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Categories OF Crime Crossword Puzzle

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Categories of Crime

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Across Down
2 An act that makes someone fear that he or she will be a victim of battery
7 defined as killing
8 Act that the goverment forbids and that the goverment can punish
11 something that has been thought beforehand
14 Losing information related to the national defense
15 Act of pursuading others to commit a crime
18 Offense punishable by incarceration usally in a local confinement facility for a long period whose upper limit is prescibed by statue
20 Deliberatly taking or keeping property that doesnt belong to you
21 taking an item from store with intent of keeping it
24 Taking someone elses property with the intent to keep it
25 Taking something that doesnt belong to you with the use of force or threats
1 Destroying or damaging someone elses property
3 minor violation of state statue or local ordinance
4 Act of killing another person
5 Try and fail to commit a crime
6 Two or more people work together to plan a crime
9 Physical contact with someone against his or her will
10 Criminal offense punishable by death or by incarceration in a prison for at least one year
12 Keeping Property that your legally allowed to use but doesnt belong to you
13 man forces women to have sexual intercourse without her consent
16 U.S citizens actions to help forign Goverments
17 Entering someones property with intent to commit a crime
19 Use of threats to take someone elses property also know as blackmail
22 violation of the criminal law, also know as minor crime
23 Signing a legal document with the intent to defraud
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