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Causes OF The American Revolution Crossword Puzzle Answer

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Causes of the American Revolution

Complete the crossword puzzle below

                          I         C        
            P             N         O        
            R             U         N     M  
            O             T         G     O  
            T             E         R     N  
            E             M         E     O  
            S     I       E         S     P  
            T O W N S H E N D A C T S     O  
                  T                       L  
                B O S T O N T E A P A R T Y  
P A U L R E V E R E                          
                  R E P R E S E N T A T I O N
                  B O S T O N M A S S A C R E
  P A T R I C K H E N R Y                    
                  C R I S P U S A T T U C K S
    S T A M P A C T                          
                  S O N S O F L I B E R T Y  
                        A     E   O     H    
                        M     X   Y     O    
                        U     I   C     M    
                        E     N   O     A    
                        L     G   T     S    
                R E P E A L   T   T     G    
                        D     O         A    
                        A     N         G    
                        M               E    
                T R E A S O N                
Across Down
6 Tax on glass, tea, paint and paper
7 Through more than 300 chests of tea into the harbor.
8 Rode to warn colonists 'the British are coming'
9 Someone speaking or acting for you.
10 Five colonists killed in Boston
11 Said 'Give me liberty or give me death'
12 African American/first person killed in the fight for freedom
13 Tax on newspapers, legal documents and playing cards.
14 Captured British workers and covered them with tar and feathers.
19 Take back
20 Working against your own government.
1 Ready to fight in a minutes notice
2 A formal meeting of representatives
3 Work against
4 Gives complete control of a good or service.
5 Also known as the Coercive Acts
15 Organized the first Committee of Correspondence
16 First battle of the Revolutionary War
17 Refusal to buy goods.
18 British General in Boston
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