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Cell And Tissue Function Crossword Puzzle

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Cell and Tissue Function

Match the tissue with its function, location, or descrpition.

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Across Down
3 Consists of blood plasma and formed elements; red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets.
4 Provides smooth surface for movement at joints, as well as flexibility and support
5 Lines urinary bladder and portions of ureters and urethra
7 Consists predominantly of collagen fibers , randomly arranged, and few fibroblasts
8 Moves mucus and other substances by ciliary action
9 Forms stroma of organs; filters and removes worn-out blood cells in spleen and microbes in lymph nodes
10 Lines GI from stomach to anus, ducts of many glands, and gallbladder
11 Allows strecthing of various organs
12 Single layer of flat cells
13 Provides strong attachment between various structures
15 Covers surfave of ovary, lines kidneys tubules, and smaller ducts of many glands
17 Hormones that regulate various body activities
18 Voluntary movement, posture, heat production
1 Pumps blood to all parts of the body
2 Iris of the eyes and walls of hollow internal structures such as blood vessels, airways to lungs, stomach, intestines, gallbladder, urinary bladder and uterus
6 Strenght, elasticity, and support
14 Support and fusion
16 Consists of chondrocytes scattered amoung bundles of collagen fibers within the extracellular matrix
19 Produce substances such as sweat, oil, earwax, saliva, or digestive enzymes
20 Subcutaneous layer deep to skin, around heart and kideys, yellow bone marrow, and padding around joints and behind eyeball socket
21 Support, protection, storage; houses blood-forming tissue; serves as levers that act together with muscle tissue to enable movement
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