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Cell Biology And Culture Crossword Puzzle

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Cell Biology and Culture

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Across Down
1 Enzyme that breaks down proteins
3 make ribosomes
4 single celled organisms
5 Incapable of being dissolved
7 Digests or breaks down food particles
8 the breakdown of food without the use of oxygen
10 Cells become specialized
11 group of compounds composed of fatty acids, phosphoric acid, and a nitrogenous base
12 Having a single set of each chromosome in a cell or cell nucleus.
13 Found in plant cells and provide protection and support.
15 type of non-competitive inhibition
16 substance acted upon by an enzyme
17 Make up proteins
19 Organelles that produce energy for the cell
20 substance between cell membrane and nucleus that holds all organelles.
22 Semi-permeable membrane that keeps certain things in and others out
25 maintenance of a stable internal state in a changing environment
26 Being attracted to water
28 Small hair-like organelle that surrounds certain cells.
29 Stem cells that have the potential to differentiate into almost any cell in the body.
30 All of an organism hereditary information.
31 Stem cells that produce specific cell types.
36 cell division that yields two identical cells
37 Brain of the cell; contains genetic material
38 site of protein synthesis
39 Capable of being dissolved
1 Long chain of amino acids
2 deoxyribonucleic acid is the double-helix molecule holding the genetic information of organisms
6 Being repelled by water
9 the cell's highway transport system
14 stores materials in a cell
18 basic unit of life
21 Source of stored energy and insoluble in water.
23 Protein that serves as a catalyst for certain reactions
24 molecules that can reduce the effectiveness of enzymes
27 name given to the membrane bound structures within a eukaryotic cell
32 Stem cells that can develop into any cell in the body.
33 Has no nucleus and no organelles
34 Cell that contains a nucleus and organelles
35 Cell organelles that divide the cell during mitosis
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