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Cell Organelle Crossword Puzzle

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Cell Organelle

    8           9                        
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Across Down
3 A complex cell with a membrane bound nucleus and organelles
4 An organelle of membranes that package and store substances into vesicles
5 The membrane around all cells that regulates the movement of substances
6 The site for RNA and protein to create ribosomes
7 An organelle that is the site of cellular respiration, releasing energy
9 The microtubles and microfilaments that support cell shape
11 A simple cell that lacks a membrane bound nucleus and organelles
12 The pigment found in chloroplasts
15 Found in plant cells and the site of photosynthesis
17 Consists of cytosol and the organelles floating in it
1 The fluid component that fills the cell and contains dissolved substances
2 The organelle that contains DNA and coordinates cellular activity
3 An organelle of interconnecting membrane sheets that assist protein synthesis
8 An organelle that turns amino acids into complex proteins
10 The basic structural unit of all life forms on Earth
13 An organelle that contains digestive enzymes and recycles waste materials
14 A membrane bound fluid filled space in a cell
16 A specialised structure within a cell that has a specific function
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