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Cell Parts And Functions Crossword Puzzle

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Cell Parts and Functions

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Across Down
3 Building blocks of life
6 This create proteins and is tubs and sacs
10 The movement of materials through the cell with the use of energy
11 The part inside the nucleus
12 Creates packages of molecules for transporting
13 The materials found inside the nucleus , mitochondria, and cytoplasm
17 The cells that contain a nucleus are called
18 The cells that don't contain a nucleus
20 The process when light is transferred in to chemical energy in plants
1 An organism with more than one cell
2 The organelle that is the powerhouse of the cell
3 The organelle that creates food in plants
4 The materials inside the cell are called these
5 A chemical breakdown that gets the cell 2 ATP's
7 The sight where proteins are made
8 The formula for this is C6 H12 O6
9 The movement of materials through the cell without the use of energy
14 When a cell is made with one parent
15 The space between every organelle
16 An organism with one cell
19 This is only in the cell on the outer layer
20 These control the chemical activities of the cell
21 This is from tubes and sacs and creates lipids
22 Control center
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