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Cells Crossword Puzzle

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2 In plants, this organelle is very large. They are storage areas for food, water or waste.
5 This organelle is the outer part of the nucleus and has little pores to let good things in and keep bad things out.
6 The DNA strands that float inside of the nucleus.
7 This organelle receives, packages and sends proteins inside and outside of the cell.
8 This organelle is located inside the nucleus and copies DNA and makes ribosomes.
9 This jelly-bean shaped organelle breaks down food molecules to release energy.
10 This organelle protects the cell and has little pores to keep bad things out.
11 This organelle is jelly-like and holds all the parts of the cell in place.
12 These things are also only in plant cells. They capture energy from the sun and change it into food.
13 These small organelles contain chemicals that break down waste and broken cell parts.
14 These tiny organelles make proteins.
1 This organelle is the center of the cell and acts as the 'brain.'
3 This organelle is a maze of passage ways for ribosomes to transport proteins through.
4 This is something that only plant cells have. It is an extra layer of protection around the cell.
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