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Cells Crossword Puzzle

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Across Down
9 A sheet of membranes continuous with the nuclear membrane
11 Cell body that contains digestive enzymes
12 gas given off during respiration
14 a major component of the cell membrane
16 organelle which has a double membrane
18 A process which requires infolding of the cell membrane
20 movement of molecules into a cell in a vesicle
22 the cell membrane is sometimes called a ....
23 the head of a phospholipid is ...
24 the krebs cycle takes place in this area of the mitochondria
28 role of oxygen in the cytochrome system
34 processes which require energy
1 released during respiration and joins to NAD
2 higher water concentration
3 an insoluble polysaccharide
4 Found on the surface of the RER
5 stalks on inner membrane of mitochondria
6 Proteins are packaged for removal from the cell here
7 high energy compound used in the body
8 the series of reactions resulting in the conversion of glucose to pyruvic acid
9 most ATP are produced in this stage of respiration
10 site of anaerobic respiration
13 processes which do not require energy
15 same water concentration
17 carries out active transport across the cell membrane
19 required for active transport
21 Controls cell activities
25 lower water concentration
26 this must be high for diffusion to be effective
27 substance produced in anaerobic respiration
29 the tail of a phospholipid is.....
30 this method of transport is only effective over short distances
31 this method of transport occurs through a selectively permeable membrane
32 mass movement of substances out of a cell
33 the 6 carbon compound in the Krebs cycle
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