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Cells Crossword Puzzle Answer

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                                        C E L L W A L L
                                    C Y T O L O G Y    
                P                       O              
                H                       P              
                A                       L              
                G   M I T O C H O N D R A              
                O   U                   S              
                C H L O R O P L A S T   M              
            O   Y   T                 D                
            R   T   I                 N                
            G   E   C E L L M E M B R A I N            
            A       E               N     U            
          U N I C E L L U L A R     A     C            
            E       L                     L            
  V A C U O L E   N U C L E I C A C I D   E            
            L       L                     S            
  D I V I D E       A                                  
  I               P R O T O P L A S M                  
  V                               T                    
F I S S I O N                     E                    
  S                               M                    
  I                               C                    
  O                               E                    
  N                               L                    
Across Down
1 protects and supports
2 the study of how cells grow and change
4 the power house of a cell
5 captures energy and produces food
8 contols what goes in and out of a cell
11 consists of only one cell
12 storage system (food,water,waste etc.)
13 an acid such as dna or rna found in all living things
14 if a cell in a plant or animal divides, it separates into two cells so that a new cell is formed
15 the substance that living cells are made of
17 the process in which a cell divides into two or more parts
1 moves things around the cell (gel like)
3 a cell in your body that gets rid of bacteria
4 consists of many cells
6 a structure in a cell that is designed to do a certain job (nucles)
7 a chemical substance that contains genetic information and is found in all living cells
9 an acid in all living cells that uses information from dna to make proteins
10 the control center of a cell
14 the process by which the cells in plants and animals divide to form new cells
16 a cell that is taken from a person or animal at an early stage of development and is capable of developing into cells of any type, for example nerve cells or blood cells
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