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Cells & Organelles Crossword Puzzle

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Cells & Organelles

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5 the outside covering of the cell,very similar to our skin
7 a scientific theory that describes the characteristics of a cell and organisms
9 the movement of molecules from high to low concentrations
10 movement of particles across a cell membrane that requires the use of energy
11 when a cell uses energy to surround a particle and enclose the particle in the vesicle to bring the particle into the cell
13 the process of cell division
14 movement of particles across a cell membrane without the use of energy
16 a group of organisms that work together to perform body functions
17 when particles are enclosed in a vesicle and released from the cell
18 'stick-like legs' that help cells move
19 the maintenance of a stable internal enviroment
21 the center part of the cell that contains the genetic material for the cell
1 a living thing such as a plant or animal
2 membrane bound 'small organ' of the cell found in the cytoplasm.
3 the smallest unit of living matter
4 a multi-cellular organism that contains its DNA in a nucleus and contains both organelles and ribosomes
5 a process in which a cell produces energy from food
6 'small organ' that is not membrane bound
8 a structure made up of a collection of tissues that carry out a specialized function
12 the jelly-like substance that fills the inside of the cell,which includes all of the cells organelles
15 a single-celled organism that does not have a nucleus and contains ribosomes. Its DNA is located in the cytoplasm
20 a group of similar cells that perform a common function
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