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Cells Crossword Puzzle

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7 The process where cells divide to create new cells.
9 Organelles involved in digestion and waste removal.
10 This is where certain cells differ in size, shape, form and function compared to regular cells.
12 A term used to describe biotic elements made of one cell.
13 A single living thing.
14 A thin layer that holds the cytoplasm and organelles inside a cell.
16 An organelle that consists of chlorophyll.
17 The movement of magnifying something.
18 At least two different organs that cooperate to perform specific functions in the body.
19 This substance is involved in photosynthesis.
20 An organism so small, it can only be seen under a microscope.
21 A space within the cytoplasm of a cell surrounded by a membrane and usually contains fluid.
22 A term used to describe biotic elements that are made out of more than one cell.
1 Small parts within a cell that perform specific functions that meet the basic needs of a cell to survive.
2 The movement of particles from an area with higher concentration to an area of lower concentration.
3 A rigid structure that provides the strength and support a plant cell needs.
4 A large organelle that is in command of all the activities in a cell.
5 A type of diffusion where a fluid moves through a selectively permeable membrane. It transitions from a high area of concentration to a low area of concentration.
6 A cell membrane that lets certain molecules to pass through it.
8 A thread-like structure that is filled with nucleic acids and protein found in the nucleus of most cells.
11 A group of specialized cells that hold a similar structure and function.
15 A particle that can be found in the cytoplasm.
23 A jelly-like substance that fills a cell and surrounds the organelles.
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