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Cellular Respiration Crossword Puzzle

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Cellular Respiration

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Across Down
6 Producing ATP in the presence of Oxygen
8 What is needed for aerobic respiration?
9 yeast cells that carry out a form of anaerobic respiration
11 Which of the part of the cellular respiration process takes place in the cytoplasm of a eukaryotic cell?
13 The process of converting glucose into energy
16 Second step of cellular respiration
17 In what organelle would you find the Kreb cycle and the electron transport chain?
18 An enzyme that makes ATP when hydrogens are rushing through
19 Where glycolysis occurs
1 How many ATP molecules are made in glycolysis
2 Which environment does a cell produce more ATP?
3 ATP minus one phosphate
4 3-Carbon molecule. Product of glycolysis
5 How many Carbons are in glucose?
6 Producing ATP in the absence of oxygen
7 For each acetyl CoA that enters the kreb cycle, how many NADHs are produced?
10 The empty shuttle bus that picks up high energy hydrogen atoms
12 How many ATP are produced by the Kreb cycle for each molecule of glucose?
14 The storage form of energy
15 An electron carrier molecule. Acts like a battery by carrying energy.
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