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Chanda's Secrets Crossword Puzzle

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Chanda's secrets

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Across Down
3 Shaming, prejudice, and discrimination directed at people who are or are perceived to be infected with a disease, their loved ones, social groups, and communities.
8 The father of Chanda's dead little sister sara. He has drinking problems
12 The time that a dead person spends at the family home before being buried. Usually a body will be taken from the morgue to the family home the afternoon before the funeral.
14 An African healer believed to be inhabited by spirits. colloquially known as 'spirit doctor' by non-believers.
15 Setswana word for 'hello' when spoken to a group.
16 A disease capable of spreading from person to person via micro-organisms, but not necessarily by casual (ie touching, sneezing, breathing) contact.
19 A measure of how much control an individual has over the risk level they face.
20 a disease of the immune system spread by blood.
22 The processes through which certain groups are considered dominant or the norm and, thus, better than or more normal than others.
25 Something kept from the knowledge of other people. Esther had many of these.
26 The system in the body that protects the personís health. This includes white blood cells.
27 Chanda's dead little sister
28 Chanda's best friend
29 The relationship between Chanda and Esther.
1 Setswana word for 'illegal bar'. Shabeens are frequently located outside in a family yard.
2 The behaviors or beliefs of a particular social or ethnic group
4 A continuing pattern of cultural beliefs or practices.
5 The number of people within a population who acquire HIV over the course of a year.
6 Setswana word for 'hello' when spoken to an individual.
7 An outbreak of infectious disease affecting a large portion of the population of a region.
9 To have courage or strong spirit.
10 The main character of the book.
11 A disease that can be transmitted by casual contact, like for example touching or coughing.
13 Human Immunodeficiency Virus
17 .Setswana word for 'illegal bar'. Shabeens are frequently located outside in a family yard.
18 Discrimination based on race or ethno-cultural background.
21 A group of people closely related to you by blood.
23 A continent between the Atlantic and Indian oceans.
24 Where one or both parents of a child have died, the child is an orphan.
30 Chanda's little sister who's papa is still alive.
31 A major language of the Bantu language group, common in sub-Saharan Africa.
32 To have little money.
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