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Chemistry OF Life Crossword Puzzle

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Chemistry of Life

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4 deoxyribonucleic acid, the material that contains the information that determines inherited characteristics
7 a class of molecules that includes sugars, starches, and fiber; contains carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen
9 the movement of particles from regions of higher density to regions of lower density
10 a compound of a class of simple organic compounds that contain a carboxyl group and an amino group and that combine to form proteins
11 hydrocarbon chain often bonded to glycerol in lipid
13 an organic compound, either RNA or DNA, whose molecules are made up of one or two chains of nucleotides and carry genetic information
14 a group of atoms that are held together by chemical forces
16 the attractive force between two bodies of different substances that are in contact with each other
18 the intermolecular force occurring when a hydrogen atom that is bonded to a highly electronegative atom of one molecule is attracted to two unshared electrons of another molecule
1 molecular subunit of a polymer
2 a large molecule that is formed by more than five monomers, or small units
3 the force that holds molecules of a single material together
5 the minimum amount of energy required to start a chemical reaction
6 measurement of acidity
8 any compound that increases the number of hydronium ions when dissolved in water
12 ribonucleic acid, a natural polymer that is present in all living cells and that plays a role in protein synthesis
15 a fat molecule or a molecule that has similar properties; examples include oils, waxes, and steroids
17 an organic compound that is made of one or more chains of amino acids and that is a principal component of all cells
19 a molecule, either protein or RNA, that acts as a catalyst in biochemical reactions
20 any compound that increases the number of hydroxide ions when dissolved in water
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