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Chickens Crossword Puzzle

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Across Down
2 a group of birds that reproduce their own likeness in their offspring. A variety is a group within a breed that are distinguished by a difference of a single characteristic eg. feather colour or comb type.
5 the common external opening for the digestive, urinary and reproductive tracts of the fowl.
6 the term used to describe chickens from day old to the end of brooding.
8 those eggs in which fertilisation of the blastodisc has occurred to create the blastoderm. The joining of the female ovum and the male sperm to create the embryo.
9 a female after the first moult. It is often used to describe females after they have started to lay.
11 he perch on which fowls rest or sleep.
12 a bird with parents of two or more different genotypes (or breeds or varieties).
13 eggs laid on the floor of the shed and not in designated nest sites/ boxes.
15 the young of an animal before birth the developing chicken in the egg.
16 a number of birds of the same origin (genotype), age and managed in the same way.
17 he common external opening from the cloaca for the digestive system, urinary system and reproductive system.
1 a male that has finished one seasons as a breeder. Usually refers to older birds.
2 the period of the first weeks of a chickens life when it requires a very high standard of care including the provision of special diets and supplementary warmth.
3 a young male from day old to the end of its first year of breeding. Often used to refer to young males up to 6 months of age.
4 a group of birds having the same origin, and able to reproduce their own likeness in their offspring. Purebred birds have the same genotype, but all birds with the same genotype are not necessarily purebreds.
7 the number of saleable chickens that hatch from all eggs incubated usually expressed as a percentage.
10 the term used to describe all stock between the end of brooding and till they reach sexual maturity.
11 male bird.
14 an afflicted hen is one that is unable to complete the egg formation and laying process and retains the partially or fully formed egg in the oviduct.
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