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China Crossword Puzzle

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Across Down
5 A political system in which nobels, or lords, are granted the use of lands that legally belong to the king.
8 The process of making conquered peopls part of chinese culture.
9 _________ had an ongoing conflict with nomads.
10 A trained civil service.
11 A green gem/stone.
13 A black power from china.
14 The _____________ lasted from 1700 B.C -1027 B.C. (longest dynasty)
15 Government jobs that civilians obtained by taking examinations.
17 Shortest Dynasty.
19 ___________ was an element sent from Rome to China as a coin.
20 Connected roads for trading.
1 A _________ occurs whena group has exclusive control over the production and distribution of certain goods.
2 To China from India came the religion of __________.
3 Chinas most powerful trader is _________.
4 Two powers that together represented the natural rhythms of life.
6 Confucius's way of peace.
7 The chinese explanation for rebellion, civil war, and rise of a new dynasty.
12 Daiost way of peace.
16 The big secret.
18 Government that has unlimited powers and uses it in an arbitrary manner.
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