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China Crossword Puzzle

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Fill in the blanks below

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Across Down
2 Where monks meditated and worshiped
4 A group who broke away and built their own civilization
9 Modern day Beijing
10 She added more officials to the government
11 Made of fine clay and baked at higher temperatures
12 A cultivated plant that is grown as food, especially a grain, fruit, or vegetable
13 Groups of related families, loosely joined together
14 He was a poor civil servant who had a hard life
15 Where poets and artists lived and worked
16 Where the Mongols lived
1 A word that means strong ruler
3 Wide, rolling, grassy plains that stretch from the Black Sea to northern China
5 Changes that brought improvements
6 He declared himself emperor
7 Buddhism later spread to this nearby island
8 Military leaders who run a government fought with each other while nomads conquered parts of northern China
9 He continued the Mongol conquest of China that his grandfather had begun
10 An organized way in which people produce, sell, and purchase things
17 A vast desert that covers parts of Mongolia and China
18 One of the most popular poets of the Tang era
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