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China Crossword Puzzle

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Across Down
10 Political body with more than 2000 delegates chosen primarly from congresses on lower levels
12 Philosophy which guided the Chinese political system since 6th BCE
14 Devolution of power to subnational governments
15 The process of filling influential jobs in the state with only people approved by the Communist Party
17 The communist belief in a small group of leaders who make decisions for the people
19 Official who investigate and prsecute official crimes
21 Under Mao, people were encouraged to rely on their own talent to contribute to the community
23 Highest tier of the Chinese Communist Party
24 Ancient Chinese philosophical concept of the circumstance under which a ruler is allowed to rule
27 Body with about 340 members which meets annually for about a week
1 Nationalist Party
2 Belief that rulers should not have absolute power and that their action should be contrained by the same principles that control ordinary people
3 Chinese Communist Youth League
4 People with technical training who climb the ladder of the party bureaucracy
5 Official newspaper of the Central Committee ofthe CCP
6 People in position of authority who are paid by the government or party
7 Autonomous Region
8 Leader who proposed a practical mix of authoritarian political control and economic privatization
9 Traditional household registration system
10 This body chooses the president and the vice president of China
11 Personal network and connections
13 Social units based on a person's place of work
16 The predominant ethnic group in China
18 Idealistic and egalitarian ideology which endorsed centralized power
20 Head of government
22 Chinese Communist Party
25 Member of an aristocratic family tracing its origins to the days of Mao Zedong
26 President of China
28 Chiniese Central Televison
29 The Republic of China
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