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China Crossword Puzzle

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7 a movement based on the teaching of Confucius, stressed the importance of education and an ordered society in which one respects one's elders and obeys the government
8 a country with rapid economic growth due to cheap labor, high technology, and aggressive exports
10 the kingdoms formed in the peninsula of Korea by A.D.300-Kogyryo in the northeast, Packche in the southwest, and Silla in southeast
12 name for Japan's bullet train
14 an economic and social region including the countries surrounding the Pacfic Ocean, expending clockwise froom New Zealand in the western Pacific to Chile in the eastern Pacific and inluding the west coast of US
15 was the emperor who decided to build the Great Wall of China
18 gave its name to China, united a number of smaller states under a strong central government and established an empire
19 the Manchu people of Manchuria invaded China and established this dynasty
20 the first Chinese dynasty
1 a Chinese philosopher who lived about 500 B.C.
2 the general of the emperors army with the position created by the Japanese emperor in 1192 after a struggle between two powerful clans
3 dynasty ruled part of northern China
4 a professional soldier in Japan who served the intrest of landowners and clan chiefs
5 an uprising in China in 1990, spurred by angry Chinese militants, or Boxers, over foreign control
6 the largest city in North Korea,with more than 2.5 million people
9 a religion that orginated in India abou 500 B.C. and spread to China, where it grew into a major religion by A.D. 400
11 the largest cith in South Korea with a population of more than ten million
13 a philosophy based on the book Tao Te Ching and the teachings of Lao-Tzu,believed in preserving and restoring haromny in individual, with nature, and in th universe, with little influence from the government
16 the name of the era from 794 to 1185, Japanese central government was strong, but the great landowners and clan chiefs began to act as independent rulers
17 a series of rulers from the same family
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