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Choosing A Career Crossword Puzzle

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Choosing a Career

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Across Down
4 an aptitude developed through training and experience
5 private company that specialize in supplying short-term employees to businesses
6 meeting you have with someone who works in your career choice
7 sum of money for which an employee is eligible upon termination
9 activities you find rewarding over an extended period of time
10 natural talent for learning some skills over others
11 thank you letter sent after the interview
13 the unique blend of qualities that defines an individual
16 letter of introduction that you send with your resume to a potential employer
1 terminating employees to cut expenses
2 official written notification that you are leaving the company
3 an occupation to which you have made a long-term commitment
5 skill that allows you to complete specific tasks in various careers
8 face-to-face meeting with a potential employer to discuss your job qualifications
12 people the employer can contact to verify your training, experience, or character
14 set of tasks you accomplish while you work
15 brief summary of your job qualifications
17 recommendation of a person for a job given to an employer by someone that employer knows
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