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Choosing Kitchen Appliances Crossword Puzzle

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Choosing Kitchen Appliances

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Across Down
5 A label manufacturers voluntaily place on certain appliances.
6 An insurance policy for a major appliance that can perchased from an appliance dealer.
8 Ranges can be either electric or ________.
9 A seller's promise that a product will perform as specidfied or will be free from defects.
10 This appliance is designed to keep foods cold.
11 Method of cooking in which foods are baked or roasted in a stream of heated air.
16 An oven that can do two types of cooking, such as conventional and convection.
18 This is a good appliance for making milk shakes.
19 This type of mixer leaves your hands free.
1 Dishes washed in this appliance are more sanitary.
2 When buying this appliance you should look for one with a removable cooking vessel.
3 High-frequency energy wave used in microwave ovens to cook foods quickly.
4 Freezers come in two styles, _________ and upright.
5 A yelow tag that shows an estimated yearly energy usage for the major appliance.
7 According to the text, this is one of the most common kitchen appliances.
12 A vent used in some ranges in which a fan is mounted under the cooktop to draw cooking fumes away food.
13 The repeated cycle in which energy in a microwave oven is emitted by the magnetron tube.
14 This appliance performs that jobs of both a mixer and a blender.
15 This applianace makes a drink many people enjoy in the morning.
17 A mircrowave should be the only appliance on an ___________ circuit.
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