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Christmas Vacation Crossword Puzzle

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Christmas Vacation

                        2     3                   4    
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      20                                     21          
            22           23             24                
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Across Down
1 What is Ellen's nickname for Clark
2 In order to distract the family what animal does Clark say he saw
4 What did Clark forget when they went to get a Christmas Tree
6 What baseball cap does Clark wear
7 How many times does Clark get hit in the head by boards
8 Eddie has this article of clothing on under his sweater
10 What part of the turkey does Eddie request
11 Who notices that the lights aren't twinkling
12 What does Mr. Shirley call Clark
14 Magazine Clark was reading while in bed with Ellen
15 What does Francis tell Ellen she had
17 What breaks neighbor's window and stereo
19 What kind of car do the Griswolt's own
20 What did Eddie buy when shopping with Clark
21 Kind of water Margo and Todd drink after exercising
22 What kind of truck tailgates the family on the highway in the beginning of movie
23 What dessert did they eat after Christmas dinner
25 Who say's 'Why is my carpet wet, Todd'
26 When is Cousin Eddie leaving
27 Who opens up attic ladder when Clark is up there
29 The eggnog mugs were souvenirs from _______
32 Where does Aunt Bethany think they are when they get to Clarks house
34 What does Clark want to buy the family for Christmas
35 What secret ingredient did Aunt Bethany's jello mold have
36 What does Eddie put in his wine glass for Christmas dinner
37 Who reads 'Night Before Christmas'
39 Eddie's dog's name
40 What are last three works of movie
1 What was in the tree Clark had to cut down as replacement
3 Who lights the candles on Christmas Eve
4 How many years has Eddie been unemployed
5 Where do the Griswold's live
9 Who cooked Christmas turkey
13 What happens to cat that was under recliner
16 What animal are the glasses of they drink eggnog out of
18 Game being played during the squirrel scene
24 Audrey's boyfriend
28 What is on the grill of Eddie's RV
29 What store does Clark run into on his sled
30 What does Eddie sell
31 Who flips on the breaker after the cat is electrocuted
33 What does Aunt Bethany say instead of blessing at dinner
35 What animal does Aunt Bethany wrap up
38 How many stockings are hung on the Griswold's fireplace mantle
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