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Civil Rights 1954-1963 Crossword Puzzle

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Civil Rights 1954-1963

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Across Down
2 The last name of the baptist minister who became a figurehead of the Civil Rights movement after the bus boycott.
5 City in which the famous bus boycott ocurred.
6 The organisation for which Thurgood Marshall was the chief lawyer.
8 1954 case regarding the integration of the educational system.
9 The organisation created to ensure the bus boycott was successful.
11 ____ Protests, started by four black students at Woolworth's in Greensboror, NC.
13 Those who tested the implementation of the integration on interstate travel.
14 Escorted to University of Mississippi by US marshalls..
15 In Washington DC, MLK's 'I have a dream' speech was given on the steps here.
17 Chief Justice who secured a unanimous decision in a landmark 1954 case.
20 The girl who sparked a 1954 case concerning the desegregation of education.
1 The Alabama demonstration in which water cannons and police dogs were used to stop the protest.
3 The state which had a failed attempt at a bus boycott.
4 ____ v Gayle- a 1956 case which declared segregated transportation within cities unconstitutional.
7 100 southern senators signed this, which opposed integregation.
10 Relatively unsuccessful protest in Georgia.
12 This organisation was founded in the North (Chicago).
16 Arkansas school in which integragtion had to be forced.
18 MLK was heavily involved in this Christian organisation.
19 The youth wing of the Civil Rights Movement.
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