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Civil War Crossword Puzzle

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Civil War

Vocabulary Review

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Across Down
2 Fee put on Southern voters in an attempt to prevent freedmen from voting
5 Agency set up to assist former slaves with education and employment opportunities
7 Freedmen worked white plantations in return for for a small share of the crops.
8 Derogatory name given to corrupt Northerners who tried to profit off Southerners during Reconstruction.
9 The right to vote on laws in territory was given to the people
10 Part of the Compromise of 1850 stating that escaped slaves must be returned to their owners.
12 Freedmen paid white landowners to farm land
14 Plan devised by the Republicans to punish the South for the Civil War
16 Supreme Court decision legalizing 'separate but equal' Jim Crow Laws
17 Derogatory name given to corrupt Southerners who tried to profit off of the South during Reconstruction
18 Considered the end of Reconstruction
19 When South Carolina withdrew from the Union.
20 Reading and writing tests designed to prevent Southern blacks from voting.
22 Name given to the Southern states who seceded prior to the Civil War
23 Amendment granting voting rights to all citizens, including black males.
1 South's attempt to keep blacks in slave like conditions.
3 type of law in which military commanders were in control
4 Amendment declaring all native-born and naturalized persons as US citizens
6 Speech freeing slaves from the Confederate States
11 Series of laws creating 'separate but equal' facilities for blacks and whites
13 Government gave people a piece of land as long as they worked the land for 5 years.
15 Used to describe the Democratic south.
21 Amendment abolishing slavery in the US
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