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Civil War Extention Crossword Puzzle

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Civil War Extention

                                      1           2                    
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                            19               20                          
Across Down
11 as a whole, in general
12 Turned her Galveston mansion into a hospital
13 Last battle of the Civil War
14 Drug used for fighting malaria
16 African American, was awarded the Medal of Honor
17 President of the Confederate States of America
18 Union military leader
19 Well-known Texas unit, led by John Bell Hood
1 Union success depend on the capture of this
2 A key location to inport/export goods
3 Made up of Southern States who seceded from the United States
4 Griffin Pass was built here by Confederates
5 Taxes on goods
6 Focus on the interest of ones region
7 State with Confederate capital in it
8 People who take the law into their own hands
9 To make payment for something
10 helped raise troops for the Confederate army and encouraged the growth of Texas factories to make military supplies
15 Slave that sued his owner for his freedom
20 One of the only ports in Texas; trade channel between Texas and Mexico
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