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Across Down
1 An organism produced as a result of two different species crossbreeding. They are usually sterile (infertile)
4 This kingdom includes mushrooms, toadstools and moulds.
5 This is the only class of animals to be viviparous – meaning they give birth to live young
6 The part of a plant cell where photosynthesis takes place
8 This means any organism which makes its own food
10 This word describes fungi, which eat rotten organisms.
12 This phylum of animals all have a supporting rod running down their body.
13 No organism in this kingdom have nuclei
14 This phylum of animals do not have backbones
18 This kingdom are autotrophic, meaning they make their own food. They do this through photosynthesis
19 Five of these make up all living things. One example is Fungi.
20 Oviparous animals such as fish, reptiles and birds lay these.
2 This word means “two names” such as Homo sapiens
3 There are two main groups in this kingdom called the vertebrates and the invertebrates.
7 This word describes organisms such as animals which eat organic material to survive.
9 A group of organisms which are able to breed to reproduce fertile offspring.
11 This kingdom includes algae
15 This class of animals lay leathery shells on land
16 This group of organisms is the most well known of the prokaryotes.
17 The general term for a type of protist such as seaweed. Usually it is green.
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