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Classification OF Matter Crossword Puzzle

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Classification of Matter

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Across Down
5 anything that has mass and takes up space
8 different throughout
10 used to separate solid components from liquid components
11 separates mixtures based on the boiling points of the components
12 used to separate mixtures based on density
13 smallest unit of matter
18 the same throughout
20 mixing substances in water to separate to those that are soluble or not
1 the science that deals with the properties and composition of substances
2 substance doing the dissolving
3 mixture of two or more substances distributed evenly throughout
4 pure substances made of only one type of atom
5 used to separate components that are attracted to magnets from those that are not
6 compounds cannot be broken down through ___________ changes
7 used to separate substances based on solubility and or mass
9 mixture in which particles can settle out
14 pure substance made of two or more elements chemically combined
15 mixture in which it appears to be the same, but is not
16 solid solutions dissolved in a metal
17 a combination of two or more substances not chemically combined
19 ability to dissolve
20 substance being dissolved
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