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Claude Monet Crossword Puzzle

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Claude Monet

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Across Down
1 As a teenager, I painted paintings of this as I enjoyed it very much
3 In 1907 i started to have ________ problems
4 I was excepted to this wonderful exhebition of art
5 In 1883 II rented this house and later on I bought it and created gardens that I used to paint
9 I donated 12 of copies of this painting to the Nation of France
10 While attending Le Havre secondary school of the arts, the locals knew Monet well for his _______ caricatures.
11 I served 2 years in the challenging military of ________
12 The name of my caring brother that I grew up with
13 On one of my trips to Paris, i came to visit this museum
14 I followed this style of painting
17 The name of my first talented art instructor
18 I attemted to commit suicide by drowning myself in this river as i was experiencing financial troubles
1 I passed away in this village because I had lung cancer.
2 I wanted to be an artist, but my dad wanted me to join the ______ business
6 I was born in this marvelous country
7 Instead of doing work, I drew____ of teachers and kids
8 My wife died after the birth of our second son named__________
12 I moved to this city at the age of four.
15 My parents called me by this name
16 When my wife Alice died i took the opportunity to ______ her in her death bed
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