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Clothes And Appearance Crossword Puzzle Answer

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Clothes and Appearance

                    E           A                       T   O          
                    C   B       D         F     S       U   V          
                    C   O       D         U   Q U A L I F I E D        
                    E   H       R         N     B       F   R          
                    N   E       E   S T I C K   M       Y   A          
          P E R M I T   M       S         T     I   A       L          
                    R   I   A S S U M P T I O N S   R       L          
                    I   A     E           O     S   R                  
                  A C K N O W L E D G E   N     I   O                  
            B                 F           A     V   G                  
          C A T E G O R I Z E D           L     E   A                  
            B     R   E       E                     N                  
  P R E P P Y     O   T   C   P S Y C H O L O G I S T                  
            F     V   R   L   R                                        
      U R B A N   E   O   A   I                     T                  
            C     L       S   C O N S E R V A T I V E                 Q
I N T E N S E     I       S   A                     N                 U
            D     N       I N T E L L E C T U A L   D                 I
                  G       C   I                   F     S I N I S T E R
                            U N I N T E N T I O N A L L Y             K
                              G                   S     M             Y
                                    S     F L A S H Y   P              
                                    L             I     A D V I S E    
                                    O   G         O     T              
                                    P   O         N   C H I C          
                                    P O T E N T I A L   E     S        
                                    Y   H         B     T     P        
                                                  L     I N N O C E N T
                                    D I G N I F I E D   C     R        
                                        R                     T        
                                    S M U G                   Y        
Across Down
8 Having the skills or experience to do a job well
9 Not change
10 To allow to do something
12 Things you believe to be true without evidence or proof
14 Accept or admit
16 Put into a specific group based on certain qualities
19 Clothing style associated with academic settings
21 Someone who studies the human mind and behavior
22 Related to city life
24 Traditional in style or manner; avoiding novelty or show
26 Forceful; having strong opinions
27 Rational and studious
29 Evil or ominous
30 Without meaning to; by accident
32 Showy
33 To offer an opinion or suggestion
35 Having style and elegance
36 Possible
38 Childlike and pure
39 Worthy of respect or honor
41 Self-satisfied; please with oneself
1 Lacks interest; boring
2 Strange or unusual in an amusing way
3 To deal with; try to solve
4 General; whole or entire
5 Characterized by long flowing floral skirts and dresses
6 Having or serving a purpose in its design
7 Always doing what other people tell you to do
11 Proud in an unpleasant way
13 Done in a way to make your own abilities or achievements seem unimportant to others
15 Having a face that looks innocent and younger than the person's chronological age
17 Behaving in an overly humble way in order to be forgiven
18 Of a style from an earlier time
20 Serving as a standard or model
23 To be inclined toward a particular quality, state or degree
25 Peculiar action, behavior or mannerisms
28 Current or popular clothing style
29 Kind and understanding
31 Careless, untidy
34 Characterized by dark or morbid themes
37 Characterized by sweatpants, jogging suits, numbered jerseys
40 A style featuring unkempt clothing
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