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Cognition Crossword Puzzle

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Across Down
4 the locating and recovering of information from memory
5 the retention of encoding material over time
8 problem solving procedure or formula that guarantee a correct outcome if correctly applied
9 amnesia, inability to form memories from new material
10 to prevent memory overload
11 set of rules by which we derive meaning from morphemes, words, and sentences in a language
12 information in the working memory is gradually changed over to long-term memories
14 man who said that the amount remembered depends on the time spent learning, spacing effect, serial position effect
15 to remember especially emotional memories
18 a retrieval method in which one must identify info that is provided, which has previously been presented (
20 simple, basic rule that serves as a shortcut to solve complex mental tasks (does not guarantee correct solution)
22 to focus on the task at hand
1 alphabet sounds (vowels and consonants
2 the rules for combining words into grammatically sensible sentences in a given language
3 may be a word or part of a work (prefix)
4 amnesia, inability to remember information previously stored in memory
6 man who said the 'seven sins' are a normal part of human memory, an are the results of adaptive features in our memories
7 general frameworks that provide expectations about topics, events, objects, people, and situations
9 gives us the ability to shift attention
13 a system that encodes, stores, and retrieves information
16 ability to recollect an image so vividly that it appears to be real
17 techniques that use vivid imagery and organizational devices (memory aids)
19 short-term memory, frontal cortex
21 the modification of information to fit the preferred format for the memory system
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