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College Crossword Puzzle

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          9                     10              
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Across Down
3 Holding yourself back from what you shouldn't do or pushing yourself to do what you need to do
6 Loans, grants,scholarships, etc. Money to help students pay for college
7 Free money for college that can be earned in different ways
8 Not Finished
9 The needs or wants
11 The estimated full cost of your college
14 This has to be filled out for every college
17 The subject you study in college
19 The next step after high school. You go here to earn Associate's, Bachelor's, and Doctoral degrees.
20 Working while in college
1 The person you will be living with throughout college if you choose to live on campus
2 Money gifted by the government that you don't have to pay back
4 You have to receive one of these in order to know where any of your classes are
5 The grounds or buildings of a college/ university
10 Money borrowed from the government that you eventually have to pay back
12 The test you take at the end of the semester, to assess everything you've learned over that time period
13 Often times you will be called in for one of these after submitting an application for a job
15 In elementary, middle, and high school, these people are known as teachers
16 This place doesn't always serve the best food!
18 Points earned for the classes you've passed
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