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Color Theory Vocabulary Crossword Puzzle

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Color Theory Vocabulary

Use the definitions of the color theory words we have been using in class to write the term in the appropriate space. Please make all letters legible.

              5                   6   7
              11   12                    
Across Down
4 systematic way of using the color wheel to put colors together
5 a color scheme using one color and black and white to make its tints and shades
8 lights and darks of a color created by adding neutrals
9 how the objects in an artwork are arranged to be most pleasing to the human eye
10 orange, purple, and green; created mixing two primary colors
11 3-5 colors adjacent or touching on the color wheel
13 also know as intermediate colors; made by mixing a primary and a secondary
14 red, blue, and yellow; the bases of all other colors
1 colors found in the center of the color wheel; black, gray, brown, and white
2 color + black=
3 colors that represent fire, heat, and the sun (red, yellow, orange)
4 2 colors opposite each other on the color wheel that when mixed together create a neutral, but when put side by side create contrast.
6 white + color =
7 colors that represent snow, ice, and water (green, blue, and purple)
12 non-objective, not realistic
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