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Color Wheel Crossword Puzzle

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Color Wheel

                  6                     7    
          12                   13              
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Across Down
3 A thinned, watered down paint which is translucent.
5 mixing blue and red
10 A great difference between colors, one light, one dark for example. Complementary colors have a strong contrast.
11 these colors cannot produced by combining others colors
12 Orange, green, and violet. These colors are produced by mixing two primary colors.
13 secondary color
15 The band of individual colors that results when a beam of light is broken into its component wavelengths of hues.
17 secondary color
18 family colors closer in the color wheel
19 When paint or ink runs into an adjoining area or up through coasts of paint.
20 degradation of a color
24 Value refers to the lightness or darkness of a color. It indicates the quantity or light reflected. Adding black, white, or gray to a color changes its color value.
25 The family of related colors ranging from greens through blues and violets.
26 The addition of gray to a color.
28 Said of colors in a painting that have lost their sparkle (intensity)
1 Two colors that are directly opposite each other on the color wheel. Mixing complements can dull or lower the intensity of a color.
2 The addition of black to a color.
4 Color perceived by the viewer due to the effect o atmosphere or unusual light on the actual color
6 The addition of white to a color.
7 The character of a surface that is the result of the response of vision to the wavelength of light reflected from that surface.
8 The family of related colors ranging from the reds through the oranges and yellows
9 Done in variations of a single color,; white, black and gray can be used to change the value of the color.
11 A thinned, watered down paint which is translucent.
14 The quality of a material that does not allow light to pass through. You canít see through it
16 primary color
19 primary color
21 Arrangement of colors in a painting so that one color dominates the work of art.
22 black, gray and white colors
23 primary color
27 intensity
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