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Community Ecology Crossword Puzzle

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Community Ecology

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Across Down
7 Consumers that eat primary consumers
8 Earliest plant forms
10 Consumers that eat secondary consumers
11 What is a non living component in the environment
12 The process of of plant species taking hold in an area that previously lacked growth
13 Organisms that produces complex organic compounds from simple substances present in its surroundings
14 Study of how different species inhabiting the same geographic region interact
15 What is a living component in the environment that shapes the environment
17 Element of the environment that controls the population growth or population distribution
20 Process of plant species becoming established in an area that was previously inhabited
25 An association between two organisms where one benefits and the other doesn't benefit or harm
1 Relationship in which one animal kills and devours another animal
2 Animals that eat both plants and animals for food
3 An association between two organisms where both organisms benefit
4 Microscopic multicellular worms found in soil
5 Interaction between two different organisms living in close physical association typically to the advantage of both
6 An organism that must consume other organism, or their products, to gain energy
9 An organism that lives in, with, or on another organism and obtains nourishment from it
16 An association between two organisms where one species benefits at the expense of the other species
18 Animals that only eat plants for food
19 Organisms that are unable to synthesize their own food from inorganic substances
21 Animals that only eat animals for food
22 Organisms that decomposes organic material
23 A group of living organisms that live in the same place and have certain characteristics in common
24 Sequence of gradual changes in a plant community over time
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