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Compound Words Crossword Puzzle

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Compound Words

Use the hint and correctly spell the compound words.

5           6   7                            
9                               10            
        12                         13          
            17       18       19                
Across Down
4 This room we spent most of our time in.
6 Is the offensive leader of the football team.
9 How long it takes light to travel.
11 Making ice cream at home is the ________ way to do it.
12 When you fight to protect yourself, it is in __________.
13 Me, ________, and I.
14 Dribbling is allowed!
15 Where you go to change before and after you play a sport.
17 Parents and grandparents are the best ______.
20 What you want to hit when playing baseball.
1 You become one of these when you turn 13.
2 This diamond does't fit on your finger.
3 When you play on a team, you are a _________.
5 Teachers are always tell us,'Don't run in the _______.
7 Very handy when the weather outside is extremely hot.
8 94 + 1 =
10 Always 2 words even though most of people spell it as 1 word.
16 Everyone loves ___________.
18 When you take second place, you are the _______.
19 When you are in a hurry at Tim Hortons, you use the _______.
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