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Considerations OF Parenting Crossword Puzzle

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Considerations of Parenting

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Across Down
3 To legally give temporary custody of your child to someone
5 A husband and wife, at least one of them has at least one child from a previous relationship
6 A legal, permanent relationship between a child and parent who are not biologically related
8 A type of pregnancy from age 18 or below.
10 Either a father or a mother and at least one child
12 The system or code of morals of a particular philosopher, religion, group, or profession
13 A person becomes one by marrying someone who already has children
15 ____________issues that arise from providing food, clothing, housing, and health care.
16 Stage of life cycle where children of family leave household and the family system is expanded
18 penalties for inapproproate behaivor
20 ________ risks include low birth weights, having a child too young or too old, worrying about family history.
21 A deliberate decision to avoid high-risk behaviors, including sexual activity or drugs.
24 Using pregnancy as a way to solve a troubled marriage is an ______________reason to have a child
25 Tat a realistic look at ________________.
1 Stage of life cycle where new members are added to the family. need to realign responsibilities, finances, and space.
2 A person who takes care of a child
4 Consistant patterns
5 couple joins together to establish a new family though marriage or living together. Need to blend ideas, behaivors and expectations
7 Doing right from wrong
9 ___________needs include food, clothing, and shelter
11 ___________needs that allow children the opportunity to become educated and learn about the world.
14 being responsible enough to consistently put someone else's needs before your own needs
17 Legally giving up your rights and responsibilities for raising the child to another family.
19 The legal identification of a man as the biological father of a child.
22 A ____________is a short period of time in which a child sits away from other people and the center of activity
23 A family group consisted of parents, children, and their close relatives
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