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Contemporary Affairs Crossword Puzzle

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Contemporary Affairs

There are no spaces between words

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Across Down
2 Where was a radioactive leak reported?
3 What hurricane had affected the United States from late September to early October?
4 How many die after a community Thanksgiving meal in California?
6 What business is planning on opening hundreds of small stores?
9 Who was expected to be our next president of 2017?
11 Who was a man dressed up as for a halloween party as he shot five people in San Antonio, Texas?
14 How many years has it been since the Pearl Harbor attack?
15 A tutor was charged with child abuse after the child suffered from what?
16 Who was elected president in 2016?
17 What was the name of the curse that was put on the Chicago Cubs that was preventing them from being in the World Series?
18 What was the FBI investigating that involved Hillary Clinton?
23 What San Francisco quarterback would kneel during the national anthem?
25 What company had created self-driving cars that are being used in Pittsburg?
1 What put a hole in a 47-year old man's esophagus during a eating contest?
5 What has been scaring people and seen throughout cities across America around halloween time?
7 Nebraska farmland overlooking Lake McConaughy draws how much in bids?
8 Islamic State used fake what to confuse airstrikes?
10 How many millions of android phones are being affected by hackers?
12 Where did the olympics take place over the summer?
13 A man was driving his brother's jeep when he ran it into what airport terminal?
19 What business is opening 12,000 new locations in the next 5 years?
20 Where were some Americans going to go if they weren't happy with the election results?
21 Who is the next vice president for 2017?
22 How long was Ryan Lochte's suspension?
24 Where was a man viciously beaten as bystanders screamed at him because he voted for Trump?
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