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Contemporary Literature Crossword Puzzle

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Contemporary Literature

                2             3                  
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Across Down
2 from birth
5 exceptional skill or ability
9 process of pressing or flattening something to make it smaller
10 to learn and understand something completely
11 equal in value
12 in a clear, meaningful way
14 passive acceptance; submission
15 to move in a lively, playful way
19 during
22 strength to endure pain or danger
23 a way out; the act of leaving
24 central idea or insight about human life revealed by a work of literature
1 set free; release
3 skill; know how
4 written rules or laws
6 stubborn persistence and determination
7 a long journey; a series of adventures
8 tough tissue that connects the muscles in the calf to the heel bone
13 coming next
16 begging; pleading
17 element
18 not important; not relating to what is being discussed
20 method used to accomplish something
21 calmness; composure
22 to break or ignore a law or rule openly
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