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Contract Law Crossword Puzzle

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Contract Law

Across Down
5 A contract that one party may at its option, either disaffirm or enforce.
6 contracts that involve terms for both good and services.
7 Broad underlying requirement that must be met to form enforceable contract.
8 The giving up of a right that you legally possess.
9 is the law governing which contracts must be in writing in order to enforceable
10 Sane and thinking clearly.
11 The ability of a properly formed contact to be enforceable in court of law; determined by examining whether the contract is a product of genuine assent and is in writing.
14 Triple damages; often awarded in fraud cases.
16 is a remedy designed to prevent unjust enrichment of one party in an agreement.
1 The transfer of one party’s current rights under a contract to a third party, thereby extinguishing the original party’s rights.
2 In contract law, an erroneous belief that is not in accord with the existing facts.
3 where the offeror revokes (withdraws) the offer prior to acceptance.
4 Consideration that is sates in a written contract even though it is not actually exchanged.
12 An event that must office before a contract obligation is triggered.
13 An action terminating and offer whereby the offeror decides to withdraw the offer by expressly communicating the revocation to the offeree prior to acceptance.
15 If one party to a contract uses any form of unfair coercion to induce another party to enter into or modify a contract.
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