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Contract Law Crossword Puzzle

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Contract Law

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Across Down
5 A statement that appears to assure a performance and form a contract but, when scrutinized, leaves to the speaker the choice of performance or non-performance, which means that the speaker does not legally bind himself or herself to act
7 independent, lone, not recippocal, one-sided
8 In contract law, a proposal made in response to an original offer modifying its terms, but which has the legal effect of rejecting it.
10 In the law of contracts, the doctrine that provides that if a party changes his or her position substantially either by acting or forbearing from acting in reliance upon a gratuitous promise, then that party can enforce the promise although the essen
12 A rule of contract law that says if an offer is made in such a manner that it would be reasonable to assume that another person would accept the offer by placing a letter or other writing in the mail.
13 The unlawful suppression of any fact or circumstance, by one of the parties to a contract, from the other, which in justice ought to be made known
14 In order to make a contract, it is essential there should be an agreement
15 Something of value given by both parties to a contract that induces them to enter into the agreement to exchange mutual performances.
1 referring to anything in which both parties have reciprocal rights, understanding, or agreement.
2 A___ is a communication that gives the listener the power to conclude a contract
3 Unlawful pressure exerted upon a person to coerce that person to perform an act that he or she ordinarily would not perform.
4 a contract involving mutual promises (each party is both promisor and promisee)
6 The act of filling an order to buy or sell a security
9 a binding agreement between two or more persons that is enforceable by law
11 is necessary to the formation of a contract and must be unequivocally made and communicated to the party making the offer at the time and place appointed
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