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Cooking Terms Crossword Puzzle

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Cooking Terms

Complete the puzzle below

                              1   2   3              
                                            9   10    
                      11                 12            
                              13               14      
                      15     16                        
                                  17       18          
                            19           20            
                          21           22              
Across Down
2 to put through a sieve to reduce to finer particles
4 to cook in liquid at 212 degrees F
5 to soften solid fats, often by adding a second ingredient, such as sugar, and working with a wooden spoon or an electric mixer until the fat is creamy
7 to cook in liquid that is barely at the boiling point
8 to reduce a food into small bits by rubbing it on the sharp teeth of a utensil
11 to heat an appliance to a desired temperature before it is to be used
12 to cook food in a small amount of hot fat
13 to cut into long, slender pieces
14 to mix with a circular motion
15 to cut or chop into very fine pieces
17 to stir ingredients until they are thoroughly combined
19 to combine solid fats with flour using a pastry blender
20 to remove the outer layer
21 to incorporate a delicate mixture into a thicker, heavier mixture with a rubber spatula using a down, up, and over motion so the finished product remains light
22 to work dough by pressing it with the heels of the hands, folding it, turning it, and repeating each motion until the dough is smooth and elastic
23 to beat quickly and steadily by hand with a whisk
25 to cut food into thin, stick -sized strips
1 to cut into thin, flat pieces
2 to cook with vapor produced by a boiling liquid
3 to cook in hot fat or oil
5 to mix or blend two or more ingredients
6 to cook in the oven with dry heat
8 to rub fat on the surface of a cooking utensil or on a food itself
9 to divide into parts with a sharp utensil
10 to mix ingredients together with circular up-and-down motion using a spoon, whisk, or electric mixer
12 to separate solid from liquid materials
15 to change from a solid to a liquid through the application of heat
16 to cut into small squares of equal size
17 to cook uncovered under a direct source of heat
18 to cut into very small cubes of even size
19 to cut into small pieces
20 to push a fist firmly into the top of risen yeast dough
24 to combine two or more ingredients into one mass
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