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Coram Boy Crossword Puzzle

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Coram Boy

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Across Down
7 What did Melissa give her child to remember her by?
8 Where was Otis supposed to deliver the children given to him by mothers willing to pay a hefty fee?
9 What were Otis and Meshak considered?
11 What song did both Alexander and Aaron coincidentally sing for Lady Ashbrook?
13 By pursuing his love for music, what did Alexander lose?
14 Other than his voice, what was Alexander's instrument of choice?
16 Who did Otis Gardiner transform into in the second half of the book?
17 Who convinced Mrs. Milcote to allow the baby to be presumed dead?
18 Who did Mr. Gaddarn take to be his house slave?
19 What did Mother Catbrain tell Aaron he was born as, he currently is, and he always will be?
1 What did people call Meshak?
2 What actually happened to the babies Otis possessed?
3 Where was Toby from?
4 Who saved Aaron from dying as a baby?
5 When Alexander left, who became the heir of the Ashbrook estate?
6 Where did Alexander and Thomas meet?
10 Who was Alexander in relation to Aaron?
12 What did Meshak call Melissa and Aaron?
15 What did Toby find in the map room of Mr. Gaddarn's house?
20 Who died in order to save not only Alexander, but also Aaron and Toby
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