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Cosmetology Crossword Puzzle

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Complete this fun Crossword about Cosmetology with common terms.

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Across Down
3 The board shall adopt rules to establish a uniform process and criteria by which an applicant who has been convicted of a_______shall be considered for licensing.
6 The applicant shall receive credit for_____hours of training earned in the Non-Minnesota Schools.
8 A______shall be placed between the clients head and the shampoo bowl during shampooing.
9 There shall be a waste receptive like at_____work station.
10 As an alternative to immersion,electrical clippers may be sanctioned with________.
13 What does P.P.M. stand for?
14 An area, room or rooms employed to offer services.
15 All combs and brushes should be cleaned and disinfected________.
16 Size of the letters of the sign that states 'Unregulated services. The following services offered by (salon name) are not regulated by the state of Minnesota''.
17 _______is an applicant who has ceased practice of cosmetology.
18 An______that is mild enough to use an eye wash is 3-4% boric acid.
19 Each license shall have brushes and combs.
20 Before a permanent license for a salon is given, the board will issue a______license which will enable the salon to open for business.
21 The_________shall keep record of all proceeding of the board.
25 Means the practice of cosmetology in a licensed salon of the practice of an esthetician in connection with medical care in relation to esthiology in the office of a licensed physician.
26 _______includes clips, combs, curlers, curling irons, hair pins, rollers scissors, needles and threads.
27 A place where any person operates and maintains a class to teach cosmetology to the public for compensation.
34 To remove a cosmetic product from a container without a pump dispense, use a_______.
37 Good_______includes wearing clean washable clothing a clean shoes to work.
39 Each cosmetology salon shall be subject to inspection as_______ the board deems it necessary to affirm compliance.
40 Germs (bacteria) are________in a salon or school environment.
41 The reception or supply area and restrooms______included in the minimum wage equipped work space of a salon.
42 Disinfectants are chemicals that are strong enough to______germs.
43 The term______may extend to be applied to bodies politic and corporate.
44 Any person who operates or manages a cosmetology school or salon who also instructs in or provides services.
45 The BCE shall_____elect a chair and secretary.
46 Any person who, for compensation, performs personal services for the cosmetic care of the hands, feet and nails only.
47 All salon licenses expire on the last day of the______of the year due and each licensee is responsible for renewing his or her license.
1 Any person who violates any of the provisions of Section 155A is guilty of a________.
2 All items in the salon that have direct skin contact with the client must be sanitized.
4 Each license shall ensure that all hair is removed from the floor after__________.
5 A signed notarized statement attesting the truth of facts stated in it.
6 There shall be________containers exclusively used for solid towels and linens.
7 A monetary or non-monetary remuneration for services.
10 What is a contagious or infectious disease or condition?
11 A________license is when an individual's license has expired.
12 The practice of personal services for compensation for the cosmetic care of the hair, nail and skin.
15 Boards means______.
22 Each licensee shall remove all hair and______the shampoo bowl immediately after each use.
23 The_____shall have the authority to employ such inspectors, clerks, deputies and other assistants as it may deem necessary.
24 The licensee shall wash his or her______with soap and hot water before any services to a new patron.
28 A person who gets compensated for performing hair, nail and skin services.
29 Permanent wave rods and supplies must be stored in closed containers or covered by a________when not in use.
30 It is a violation of this chapter to advertise in any manner that is_______or inaccurate with respect to any services of policies offered by the licensee.
31 The current shop license shall be conspicuously posted in the_______.
32 No salon advertisement stating license by the state of Minnesota shall include reference to any_______services.
33 A physical location or area in a salon that is primarily where cosmetology supplies, products or chemicals are prepared, measured, mixed, portioned or disposed of.
35 Any written or graphic designed to sell goods or products.
36 If the license is posted in the reception area, the_______shall be posted at the work station.
38 _________means a natural form of hair manipulation that results in tension on hair strands by beading, braiding, corn rowing and extending.
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