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Cowboys Crossword Puzzle Answer

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                          H     U    
                          A     N    
                W I N T E R     K    
                          M     H A T
                          O     O    
        B             B   N     U    
        A       H     O   I     S    
        N     C O W B O Y C O D E    
        D       R     T   A       R  
B U C K A R O O S     S           O  
        N       E                 D  
        A     C A T T L E D R I V E  
    C           N                 O  
  T H E R O U N D U P           S    
    A           S               A    
    P         H A L F A D O Z E N    
    S           D               G    
        B R A N D I N G              
                L           R        
              T E N D E R F O O T    
                        A   P        
                        W   E        
                        H   S        
                  W A G E S          
Across Down
3 Ranchers laid off most of their cowboys during this month
4 Protect them from the sun and the rain
8 Cowboys of the Old West had an unwritten code that they lived by
10 Another name for cowboys
11 Where cowboys often worked
13 When the cowboys would bring in all the cattle from the open range
15 Each cowboy maintained a string of how many horses
16 Something they did to their cattle
18 A new person to the Old West was called this
20 They get $25 to $30 for their what
1 What cowboys stayed in with other cowboys on a ranch
2 Popular musical instrument to cowboys
5 Protect them from the dust kicked up by cattle
6 Helped them to slip in and out of the stirrups when riding a horse
7 Most important possession of any cowboy was his horse and saddle
9 Sports competition with events based around the daily jobs of a cowboy
12 Help protect from sharp bushes and cacti that their horse may rub up against
14 something they did to soothe the cattle
17 They Snared livestock
19 What their ropes were made of
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