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Criminal Justice Crossword Puzzle

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Criminal Justice

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Across Down
7 Getting from one point to the next
8 Difficult social questions that include controversy over what is considered the 'right' thing to do
10 The view that moral development is hierarchical; each higher development stage is described as moving away from pure egoism toward altruism
12 Principles of right and wrong
13 Approaches to behavior proposing that individuals have normal growth phases in areas such as morality and emotional maturity
16 The concept that some things just must be, with no need for further justification or explanation of why they exist
19 A form of justice that allows compensation
20 Means 'the thing speaks for itself'
21 The ethical system espoused by Immanuel Kant
22 Situations in which it is difficult to make a decision, either because the right course of action is not clear or the right course of action carries some negative consequences
28 Paper and pencil tests that measure an individual's ability to recognize and/or agree with moral terms
29 Exploring issues with one's heart as well as one's mind
1 An ethical system that is concerned with the consequences or ends of an action to determine goodness
2 A structured set of principles that defines what is moral
3 An ethical system that studies the duty or moral obligation emphasizing the intent of the actor as the element of morality
4 Questions
5 The quality of being impartial, fair, and just
6 Judgments of desirability, worth, or importance
9 Statements of contingent demand known as if-then statements
11 When a person opts to withhold information
14 Constitutionally mandated procedural steps designed to eliminate error in any governmental deprivation of protected liberty, life, or property
15 The ethical system that claims that the greatest good is that which results in the greatest
17 John Rawls's idea that people will develop fair principles of distribution only if they are ignorant of their position in society
18 The ethical system that defines the pursuit of self-interest as a moral good
23 Outstandingly bad
24 The authority to make a decision between two or more choices
25 Learning theory concept that people learn behaviors, values, and attitudes through relationships
26 A vengeance-oriented justice concerned with equal retaliation
27 The discipline of determining good and evil and defining moral duties
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