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Criminal Procedure Crossword Puzzle

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Criminal Procedure

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Across Down
8 where you cannot look for elephant
9 allows peace officer to request assistance from nonmilitary citizen to complete an arrest
11 established 'good faith' exception
12 prevents use of evidence in prosecutor's case-in-chief due to illegal act of law enforcement
13 a permanent checkpoint near US borders to search for illegal aliens entering US
14 case that held that exclusionary rule applies to states as well as federal law enforcement
15 'they woud have found it anyway'
17 exempts certain foreign diplomant from arrests and searchs
18 continuous and uninterrupted pursuit of suspect of crime outside officer's own jurisdiction
19 excuses the need for search warrant
20 legal basis for detention
21 photographing, fingerprinting and searching of person taken into custody before confinement
22 legal order signed by judge directing officer to take person named into custody and bring before judge
23 used to prevent overcrowding in pretrial detention facilities
25 requirement that officer knock on door, announce presence and wait reasonable time to enter
1 ability of officer to explain why he took a particular action
2 seizure of citizen limited in duration, scope and purpose
3 requires first appearance before magistrate within forty-eight hours of arrest
4 created 'public safety' exceptio to exclusionary rule
5 basis for search, seizure or arrest
6 crimes that may be punished either as felonies or misdemeanors
7 authority to pat search outer clothing to locate weapons
10 requires that Miranda warnings be given
16 taking person into custody in manner authorized by law
24 stop of motor vehicle for real violation when real reason is to look into interior
26 immediate charge and control by person in authority over suspect or inmate
27 sworn statement explaining the probable cause to support request for search or arrest warrant
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