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Criminology Crossword Puzzle Answer

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                    F       O   F                          
            B       E       M   O                          
            A       L       I   R                          
            T       O       C   G   O       L              
            T   N   N       I   E   F       A              
          F E L O N Y M U R D E R   F       R              
            R   N           E   Y   E       C     T H E F T
            Y   C                   N       E     R        
              T R E A S O N A N D E S P I O N A G E        
                I                   E       Y     S        
V A N D A L I S M                                 P        
                I N C H O A T E O F F E N S E S   A        
                N                                 S        
            S T A T U A R Y R A P E               S        
                L                             C R I M E    
            V E H I C U L A R H O M I C I D E     N        
                O                             C   G        
                M A N S L A U G H T E R       O            
                I                             N            
                C                             S            
              M I S D E M E A N O R S     R A P E          
                D                     B       I            
            P R E M E D I T A T E D M U R D E R            
              O   U         S         R       A            
              B   R         S         G       C            
              B   D         A         L       Y            
              E   E         U         A                    
              R   R         L         R                    
              Y             T         Y                    
Across Down
8 A person of who kills while commiting a felony may be guilty of what?
9 deliberately taking or keeping property that doesn't belong to you.
10 two felonies that are often regarded as the most serious of crimes.
11 destroying or damaging someone's property.
12 an offense not yet completed.
13 having sex with anyone under age.
14 , misdemeanors, offenses, treason and espionage, and inchoate offenses are generl categories of what?
15 Causing a death through negligent use of a motor vehicle.
17 Less serious killing.
18 minor crimes consisting of offenses such as petty theft.
19 when a man forces a woman to have sexual intercourse or has intercourse with her without her consent.
21 A murder commited that was planned out beforehand.
1 The act of killing another person.
2 serious crimes including murder, rape, aggravated assault, robbery, burglary, and arson.
3 making, altering, or signing a legal document with the intent to defraud.
4 physical contact with someone against his or her will.
5 third category of crime.
6 taking someone else's property with the intent to keep it.
7 homicides conducted in the line of duty by soldiers and law enforcement officers are not crimes.
9 entering someone's property without permission.
16 when two or more people work together to plan a crime.
20 entering someone's property wit intent to commit a crime.
22 taking something from another person through the use of force or threats.
23 The most serious type of homicide.
24 An act that makes someone fear that he or she will be a victim of battery.
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