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Cruisin' Crossword Puzzle Answer

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Get into vacay mode as you ponder over the answers to this puzzler.

                    Q                 C            
                    U   E           K A Y A K I N G
                    E   N             J            
                    E   S     M       O            
                    N   E     E   S U N S H I N E  
                    M   N     X       P            
                    A   A     I   S P A N I S H    
            C       R   D     C       S            
            H A I R Y M A N C O N T E S T          
        P   C A T A L I N A I S L A N D            
        I   O                                      
        N   L                                      
        G   A F T E R D I N N E R S H O W S        
        P   T                                      
        O N E D U M B T O M A T O   W   L          
        N   M                       A   O          
        G   E                       L   N          
          P L A Y I N G C A R D S   K   G          
F O O D     T                       I   B          
  N         I S L A N D O F R O M A N C E          
  S         N                       G   A          
  T A K I N G P I C T U R E S           C          
  A         C                 D       T H O N G S  
  G       B A J A C A L I F O R N I A              
  E     B   K             O   A   C                
    W H I T E S T B O Y   R   M   E                
        G     O   E       M   A   C                
        E     U   A       A   M   R E L A X        
        D     V   C       L   I   E                
        S     E   H           N   A                
              N   E           E   M                
              I   S                                
Across Down
4 This will be fun to do along the Avalon coast.
6 This gives Dad headaches, but Mom enjoys it.
7 Dad is gonna have to carry this convo. with the natives.
9 Morgun would probably beat Dad in this.
11 Morgun bought Bailey some earrings from this place.
12 One of the highlights each evening.
13 Our song when the mariachis serenade us.
16 Dad's activity of choice when he is at sea.
17 There won't be a shortage of this on the ship.
19 Catalina is known as...
20 How we capture memories.
22 You say tomoto, I say tomato. You say flip-flops, I say...
23 Where Ensenada is located.
27 A comedian called Porter the _____ _____ he's ever seen!
30 We booked this cruise to be able to...
1 Our docking partner.
2 Dad feels like he is finally in Cali when he arrives here.
3 Our Mexico stop.
5 We had to bring our passports to go here.
8 Dad's staple dessert after his 3 course meal.
10 A popular activity on deck.
14 We will all do plenty of this.
15 We have to return to Mom's stomping grounds to get started.
18 The Phelps pham from Utah stole the show when they made their appearance...
21 Hope you didn't forget to pack this life-saver.
24 Dinner on Thursday will be...
25 On board, this is not up to Mom's standards.
26 We will sadly have to forego this popular stop on our way to the coast.
28 Don't forget to spend your money on these.
29 We'll see plenty of bodies here.
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