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Cryptic Classics Crossword Crossword Puzzle

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Cryptic Classics crossword

            1           2                      
            3               4   5              
          9                         10          
          11                       12            
          13     14                              
17   18                                          
        19   20     21           22   23            
24                                 25            
Across Down
3 Greek discovery in loft
5 Should we have to bear the burden?
8 Dryden's lucky year
9 French to squeal if water too hot
10 Sounds like young Romans disliked the way things were progressing
11 Carts pause for unruly slave
14 Circus performer with breathing difficulties
16 Ancient Olympic game with organic sound
21 Two Romans perused his work.
24 Wild foreigners
25 Can Medea go now? Yes ... No ....
26 Definitely in the shade
27 High spot in Delos
1 Prehistoric Wales?
2 Muse with unfortunate skin problem
4 '............ Me genuit'
5 Had a serious change of name
6 Hero who declared he was nobody
7 Delete most crude clue 50, and reveal war poet's words
12 Iliad's troublesome priest
13 Black and yellow scooter
15 Fruit trader
17 Was the king here the best?
18 Did he write on back of coaster?
19 Bird overtakes Catullus
20 Not keenon Rolling Stones
22 Measured response upset farmers
23 Regarded as part of a governorship
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