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CSR Crossword

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Across Down
2 A type of economic system that is based on a number of fundamental principles, such as: rights of the individual and private property, competition, and the minimal government interference in business.
7 A kind of exaggeration; a euphemism for hyperbole.
8 A questionable corporate payment.
10 This concept refers to issues of right, wrong, fairness, and justice.
11 A dynamic process by which business seeks to perpetuate its acceptance.
12 The process of 'turning over to' the private sector some function or service that was previously handled by some government body.
13 The economic integration of the globe.
16 A desire to help mankind as indicated by acts of charity; love of mankind.
19 The ability or capacity to get something done that otherwise may not be done.
21 A person who investigates reported complaints and helps to achieve equitable settlements.
24 The right to keep personal affairs to oneself and to know how information about one is being used.
1 A major, unpredictable event that has potentially negative results.
2 A social movement seeking to augment the rights and powers of buyers in relation to sellers.
3 A community, a nation, or a broad grouping of people having common traditions, values, institutions, and collective activities and interests.
4 The group of individuals hired by the board to run the company and manage it on a daily basis.
5 The repurchase of stock from an unwanted suitor at a higher-than-market price.
6 The appropriateness of a corporation's behaviour and its adherence to moral guidelines acceptable to society.
9 The return of a private business function or service to the government sector.
14 In communication this means that the communicator should be faithful to detail, accurate, and avoid any deception or exaggeration.
15 The degree to which the stakeholder claim on the business calls for the business's immediate attention or response.
16 A condition in which there is diffusion of power among the society's many groups and organizations.
17 The collection of private, profit-oriented organizations, ranging in size from one-person proprietorships to corporate giants
18 The perceived validity or appropriateness of a stakeholder's claim to a stake.
20 An oxygen-related gas that is harmful to life near the earth's surface but is vital in the stratosphere in blocking dangerous ultraviolet radiation from the sun.
22 The field of ethics that deals with the ethical issues that are embedded in the use of biotechnology.
23 An individual or a group that has one or more of the various kinds of stakes in business.
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